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What Color is Transmission Fluid?

If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone in Henderson. New transmission fluid is a translucent red color, but the dirt and grime of everyday driving taint the fluid. In other words, you can tell a lot about the quality of your transmission fluid from asking, “What color is transmission fluid?”. Whether you see a red fluid leaking from your car or you’re experiencing transmission issues, the service center Findlay Acura has a guide to transmission fluid below!

Red Fluid Leaking from the Car

Are you asking the above question because you see a red fluid leaking from your car? If that’s the case, it’s most likely time to contact a Las Vegas-area service center. Why? This probably means a busted seal or gasket is causing vital fluids to leak from your vehicle.

Do you notice water leaking from your car? You’ll have to perform some troubleshooting to find out where it’s coming from — or consult an expert at a service center.

What Color is Transmission Fluid When It Needs Changing?

Just like with brake fluid, transmission fluid is a vital vehicle component that needs regular inspections. The current state of your transmission fluid depends upon many factors — your driving style, history, vehicle type, and more — so how do you know when it’s gone bad? North Las Vegas drivers have asked us this question and they shall receive, in the form of this handy color chart.

FInd the transmission fluid dipstick (it’s usually by the oil dipstick, but your owner’s manual will have its exact location), take the liquid between your fingers and inspect it closely:

  • Translucent red: As noted above, this color gives you the a-ok to keep driving your bad self down Mesquite roads!
  • Light brown/semi-translucent red: Indicates pretty normal wear and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.
  • Dark brown/opaque: Around this time you’ll want to consider, at the least, a filter change as part of your vehicle maintenance.
  • Very dark brown/black/opaque: What color is transmission fluid when you need maintenance? It’s this color, which usually indicates the need for a full system flush.
  • Light pink: If you’re looking at light pink transmission fluid, it may be evidence that your fluid has been contaminated, with water or another engine fluid. Unfortunately, you need to take this very seriously and take your vehicle to a service center.

Take Care of Your Vehicle with Our Help!

At Findlay Acura, we want Henderson drivers to feel like they have the tools for car care right in their own homes. That’s why we offer service tips on how to check transmission fluid, timing belts, and more. Whether you see a red fluid leaking from your car or you’d just like some routine maintenance, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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