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How to Check Tire Tread Depth

Wondering, “How do I check tire tread wear?” We can help. The service team at Findlay Acura near Las Vegas has a few service tips and tricks to help you keep your vehicle in top shape. All you need is a ruler or penny, and you can check your tire tread depth at home in North Las Vegas! Learn more about how to check tire tread depth below, and be sure to contact our team if you have any questions or need assistance.

What is the Recommended Tire Tread Depth?

New tires have a tread depth of about 10/32 or 11/32 of an inch (about a third of an inch). If you have winter tires, or another set of tires designed for off-roading, they might have even deeper tread grooves, which you’ll want to keep in mind if using the Penny Test.

The U.S. Department of Transportation states that once your tires reach about 2/32 of an inch, it’s time to replace your tires. You’ll want to ensure you have proper tire tread depth for safe driving through Mesquite and beyond. Making sure you take proper care of your tires will also lengthen the life of your tires.

The Penny Test

While a ruler is the most accurate way to check tire tread depth, you can use a penny. This is especially convenient for someone on the go who needs to conduct a quick tire check. The design on the U.S. penny makes it the perfect household tool to measure your tire wear. Use these steps to check the tread depth remaining on your tires:

  1. Insert a penny with Lincoln head-first into a tire tread groove.
  2. Observe if Lincoln’s head is covered and no longer visible between the grooves.
  3. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, that means your tire treads are 2/32 inches deep or less and it’s time to replace them.
  4. Repeat this process on all four tires and in multiple locations on each tire.

How Do I Check Tire Tread Wear Using Other Methods?

If you don’t have a penny on hand, you may have a credit or debit card on hand. In the event you need to check your tire tread depth, pull out your bank card or use a tire tread wear indicator on the tire if it has one. Here are other ways to check tire tread depth:

  • Tread Depth Gauge: Another easy way to check your tire tread is with a tread depth gauge. If you don’t already own one, it’s a worthwhile investment to make. With this tool, you’ll simply insert the probe into the shallowest tread groove, then press the top bar of the gauge flat against the tire to see the tread wear rating.
  • Tread Wear Bars: Most tires come with a tread wear indicator bar built in. You can find this at the bottom of the tread grooves in multiple locations on the tire. If the bars are flush with the tire ribs that surround them, it indicates that the tread depth has reached 2/32 of an inch.

Maintain Your Tires with Help from Findlay Acura

If you’d like to have one of our certified technicians take a look for you, schedule a service appointment. We offer service specials as well as part specials to help drivers save more on the services and parts their vehicles need. Contact us today to learn more.

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