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How Do Car Brakes Work?

If you’ve ever wondered, “how does the brake system work in my car?” then you’ve come to the right place! The service experts at Findlay Acura have all the details on this crucial driving system. How do car brakes work? Read our service tips to find out! 

How Does the Brake System Work? 

Your vehicle’s brake system is the most vital component to your safety in Las Vegas. There are two different types of brakes, known as “disc” and “drum”, along with your handbrake. 

How Disc Brakes Work 

Disc brakes are located on your wheels’ hubcaps. When you press the brake pedal, this metal disc pushes against the brake pad, forcing your vehicle to stop. These car brakes work similar to bicycle brakes. 

How Drum Brakes Work

Some vehicles in North Las Vegas may have drum brakes on their rear wheels, and these brakes work differently than their disc counterparts. Drum brakes are located inside the wheel and utilize brake shoes that are pushed in and out by cylinder pistons. Brake fluid moves through the cylinder which pushes out the piston, forcing a connection with the drum that causes your car to brake. 

How the Handbrake Works

Handbrakes are typically found in between the front seats of your car and are intended for emergency use. How does the brake system work here? Unlike with the other brake types, the handbrake is purely mechanical, using a lever system to pull cables on the back wheels. Pulling the handbrake tightens the cables and forces a stop. 

How to Care for Your Brakes

Brakes and brake pads should be checked at least once a year as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Outside of scheduling service, you can contribute to your brakes’ longevity and performance by: 

  • Coasting before you hit the brakes. 
  • Watching and listening for warning signs of deterioration. 
  • Ensuring your brake fluid levels are checked often and replaced when needed. 
  • Avoiding braking when possible, especially if drivers in front of you are braking excessively. 

Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

There’s a lot that goes into making car brakes work, so if you see, hear, or feel something that seems out of place, chances are your brakes need service. Don’t ignore the following warning signs: 

  • Squeaking or grinding
  • Leaking fluid
  • Burning smells 
  • Bouncing sensation during stops
  • Brake light illuminated on your dash

Visit Findlay Acura for Expert Brake Service 

Now that you know more about how brake systems work, keep yours in top shape with regular service intervals from Findlay Acura. We’re here to make your visit easy and affordable, especially when you take advantage of our current service specials. We’re located just a short drive away from Mesquite, so contact us to get started! 

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