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How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Typically, the average brake lifespan is between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. While a good guideline, this number differs depending on your model, the type of terrain you frequent in North Las Vegas, the brake pads your vehicle uses, and even your driving habits. With this information in mind, our service team has put together an overview on average brake life, the factors that affect it, and more! Learn more about how long car brakes lastwith Findlay Acura.

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

Curious how many miles brakes last? The average brake life range above is considerably large since it’s impossible to give a definitive number. Some sets won’t last as long and some can even last over 80,000 miles. It’s best practice to double check with your owner’s manual for a more specific service schedule and brake service recommendations. Certain service intervals will include brake pad inspection, and the maintenance schedule might also recommend when to replace the brakes.

The certified technicians at our Las Vegas service center can help get your vehicle back on Mesquite roads with the right OEM parts and accessories you need. Now that you know how many miles brakes last, learn more about our available parts and the rotating parts specials we offer to help you save even more.

What Factors Affect Brake Pad Life?

Much like how your gas mileage changes depending on how and where you drive, the answer to “how long do car brakes last” will change depending on a number of factors including:

  • Driving Habits: If you brake hard instead of pressing down softly, or if you ride on the brakes instead of coasting to a stop, your brake pads won’t last as long.
  • Environment: Driving in the city means encountering more traffic, lights, and stop signs, so you’ll brake more. Driving on the highway usually means longer brake life.
  • Brake Pad Material: Carbon-ceramic pads last longer than standard metallic pads, but they tend to be more expensive. If you don’t already know what type of brake pads you have, your owner’s manual might give you more information.

Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake?

Notice your car shaking when you brake? Bring your vehicle in for brake service immediately. The most common cause of this is the vehicle’s brake system. A few specific reasons why this might be happening can include:

  • One of your tires is experiencing “run out,” or is no longer perfectly round
  • One of your wheels is unbalanced
  • Your car’s front-end alignment is off
  • A loose control arm or damaged knuckle is affecting your car’s steering
  • Your car’s axle shaft is damaged
  • Your vehicle has loose lug nuts

If you notice your vehicle’s brakes acting up, don’t wait to have them checked out. Our service team at Findlay Acura will be able to help diagnose the issue, tell you exactly why your car is shaking when you brake, and resolve it, getting you back on the road in no time.

Trust the Findlay Acura Service Team for Brake Service

When the time comes, schedule service with Findlay Acura. We can help you save more with our service specials, parts specials, and more! Have questions in the meantime or don’t see the parts you need online? Contact us! We can help you order the parts you need.

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