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2019 Acura RDX

Who Makes Acura Cars?

Everyone who owns an Acura automobile knows the name stands for quality, luxury, and precision-engineering. That’s true of every new vehicle for sale at Findlay Acura of Henderson. But, if you’re like a lot of our Las Vegas customers, you’ve probably wondered who makes Acura cars. So, let’s answer those questions. Who’s behind this amazing line of cars? Does Honda make Acura vehicles? Who manufacturers Acura?

Does Honda Make Acura?

It’s true. Honda does make Acura cars. The corporate entity who owns and makes Acura cars is known as Honda Motor Company, Ltd. It became more expensive during the 1980s for Japanese automakers to export automobiles to the U.S. due to restrictions placed on exports by the government of Japan. It then made more financial sense for automakers to export high-end vehicles, since the margin was higher. So Honda started Acura, its first luxury car company, in 1986. The company eventually started doing most of its manufacturing in Marysville, Ohio, where you’ll find most of the dedicated people who make Acura cars. That plant is now a 4 million square feet facility that is still churning out quality automobiles.

The Amazing Acura Models

Everyone who owns an Acura car can tell you that you are in for one incredible ride. The swank Acura interior, the finely tuned suspension, and high quality engineering make for an amazing automobile. There are a number of different models to choose from, and they are all top notch. You can find them for sale orlease right now at Findlay Acura. Here’s a list:

Acura Sedans

Acura SUVs

Acura Supercar

Check Out the New Acura Automobiles at Findlay Acura

This year’s new Acura models are here! Come in for a test drive and experience all of the luxury, sophistication, and performance that an Acura automobile has to offer. We make it easy for you to get behind the wheel of your next car. You can even apply for financing online. Our dealership is conveniently located near Mesquite, but you can also browse our entire inventory and purchase your next car from the comfort of your own home! So contact us today to learn more about who manufactures Acura, who makes Acura automobiles, and more.

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