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2020 Acura MDX

Is Acura a Luxury Car?

Are shopping for a sophisticated sedan or SUV to upgrade daily rides in Las Vegas? If so, you most likely browsed Acura models and wondered, “is an Acura a luxury car?”. Acura is a luxury car! Known as a luxury brand because of innovative features and elegant amenities, Acura vehicles not only possess a modern design inside and out, but they also have incredible performance capabilities. Learn more about what makes Acura a luxury car with Findlay Acura. Then, be sure to check out our Acura RDX lease deals!

What is a Luxury Car?

So, is an Acura a luxury car and why? What defines a luxury car? A luxury car possesses stylish features and quality craftsmanship. Acura vehicles provide first-class amenities and outstanding powertrain options, which is how the brand earned its luxury status. Luxury features not found in non-luxury models include:

  • Spacious dimensions
  • Soft leather materials
  • Advanced technology interfaces
  • Lighting options

Is Acura a Good Luxury Brand?

If you’re looking for a luxury car that will enhance your driving experience in North Las Vegas, choosing an Acura vehicle will ensure that! Acura models provide the extra comfort, style, and quality that drivers of luxury brands are searching, but are often available with a more modest price tag than other luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz. When you choose to make any Acura vehicle your next new car in Mesquite, you can take advantage of everything a luxury model encompasses while saving money.

Discover Your Acura Vehicle at Findlay Acura

So, is an Acura a luxury car? It most definitely is! Contact us at Findlay Acura with any questions and then be sure to check out our extensive lineup and explore models like the Acura MDX in depth! Thanks to Acura, owning a luxury vehicle in Henderson doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Interested in fuel efficiency? Explore our Acura hybrid models to save time at the gas pump while being environmentally friendly. Our service team can discuss a maintenance schedule as well as easy service tips, like how to clean leather seats, to keep your new vehicle in optimal condition.

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