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Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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Whether you’re searching for a new or used vehicle near Las Vegas, you will want to find a reliable vehicle. North Las Vegas drivers prioritize the value of a warranty before purchasing their new set of wheels. If this is your first-ever car purchase, you might ask, “Are extended warranties worth it?” Learn more from Findlay Acura down below to find out! Feel free to value your trade before your purchase.

What are Extended Warranties?

Oftentimes dealerships around the Henderson area will offer you an extended warranty as part of your new vehicle finance package. The extended warranty provides additional coverage for maintenance needs on top of your certified pre-owned warranty or new-vehicle warranty. Some extended warranties over additional roadside assistance.

So, are extended warranties worth it? Well, an extended warranty can become a safety net when life hits you unexpectedly after your original protections expire!

Should I Buy Extended Warranties?

As you weigh your options between a new or used vehicle, ask yourself, “Should I buy extended warranties?” Here are the main differences between the two extended warranties:

New Vehicles:
If you don’t plan on keeping your new car for more than ten years, ask yourself, “Are extended warranties worth it on this car?” Typically the answer is no. If you plan to keep the vehicle until it dies then an extended warranty is a great choice! Keep in mind that most new vehicles already offer some form of basic warranty coverage.

Used Vehicles:
Extended warranties become very useful in pre-owned vehicles once those unexpected high maintenance costs come around. Don’t be quick to assume you should pay for an extended warranty on a used car if you haven’t decided how long you want the vehicle or determining past issues. So ask yourself, “Should I buy extended warranties?” The answer should be “yes” only if you’re confident that most repairs will be covered. Sometimes limited warranty coverage is offered with pre-owned programs.

Final Decision on an Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties are a smart purchase if you plan on owning the vehicle for over ten years and would like to maximize its value! Extended warranties can offer a peace-of-mind to Mesquite drivers when the unexpected happens.

Learn About Financing Options at Findlay Acura!

So, are extended warranties worth it? That answer depends on you! Contact us at Findlay Acura to learn the difference between finance vs. leasing.

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