How to Have a Luxury Car When You’ve Got Kids

June 8th, 2017 by

Acura MDX

You’ve heard the phrase “This is why we can’t have nice things.” Why not? Because kids ruin everything. They scribble on the walls, they sneak treats out of the pantry, and they break anything fragile you leave in the range of their arms or climbing ability.

This is something you just have to live with until kids grow older and mature enough to respect expensive things, but then why buy a luxury vehicle when kids will spill drinks on the seats, pick at seams until they tear, and dent the doors by swinging them open too fast? It’s possible to keep your luxury vehicle in good condition even with rowdy kids, but you have to know how to handle the situation.

Clean as You Go

This is a tip that applies whether you have kids or not. Cleaning small messes frequently keeps your vehicle in top shape and is much easier to tackle than one big mess you only deal with when you can’t ignore it any longer. A clean vehicle also keeps kids from finding things that let them create even bigger messes, so be sure you tidy up both before and after any long trips.

Teach Your Kids to Help

It’s amazing how many parents forget that keeping things clean is a skill you have to learn and not something you automatically start doing as you grow older. When your kids start to reach ages when they can be responsible, you should start teaching them how to do the chores they’ll need to know when they start living on their own or having their own kids. This includes cleaning up after themselves when they make a mess in the car, and them being responsible makes life a lot easier for the parents.

Be Strict with Food and Drinks

Snacks and drinks are an absolute must for a long road trip, but you can control which snacks and which drinks you and your kids get to have. Skip the snacks that produce a lot of crumbs and dust like tortilla chips and cookies. Instead, stick with solids like carrots and string cheese. Let your kids have soda and juice during meals, but make sure water is the only liquid allowed in the car. And don’t forget to apply your rules to yourself as well, because this makes it much more likely that kids will follow them.

Handle the Electronics Yourself

Kids pressing the wrong buttons or handling video discs with sticky hands can do some serious harm to an entertainment system. If your kids aren’t old enough to use electronic systems, take the time to set everything up before you climb into the front seat.

An Acura vehicle should offer people the same level of quality for however long they own it, but to keep that quality going when you have children around can be challenging. You can have nice things and still have kids, but you have to be careful about when and how you combine the two.

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