Leasing Henderson

With high interest rates, leasing an Acura is a great alternative option instead of purchasing a brand new car. Here at Findlay Acura serving Henderson, you can lease a new or Certified Pre-Owned Acura at a price you can afford. With lower monthly payments, less cash upfront, and guaranteed future value, you can make driving a luxury car possible. If you are the type that likes to drive a new car every few years, lease an Acura to change up your style. An additional advantage is tax deductions if the Acura will be used for business purposes.Leasing an Acura means having options. After you decide the length of your lease term and how much you will be able to afford, talk to one of our financial experts at Findlay Acura and they can help set you up with your next Acura. Acura provides special offers to military and recent college grads when they lease through Acura Financial Services (AFS). When you go through Acura Financial Services, you can become an Acura Loyalty Advantage member. This program provides exclusive perks and allows you to have a more flexible lease. With Mileage Forgiveness, Acura will be flexible with the amount of miles you go over or under when you lease is up. Enjoy Momentum Miles and roll over up to 15,000 miles on your next lease. Up to 7,500 miles will be waived if you go over so you don’t have to worry about being extra cautious with your miles.

At the end of your lease, contact us within two months to schedule a free inspection if you plan to return your leased Acura or to trade it in for a new lease. If you have outstanding payments, excess wear and use, or went over on your mileage, you are responsible for the payments and charges. If you want to purchase your Acura at the end of your lease, notify Acura of your plan. No inspection or mileage will be charged if you purchase the leased Acura. Here at Findlay Acura, we look forward to helping you find the Acura you need. Get your credit pre-approved online and save time at the dealership today!

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