5 Spots in Your Car You Shouldn’t Forget to Clean

September 27th, 2017 by

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Cleaning the car is one of the most labor-intensive efforts as far as car maintenance goes. But once it’s done, there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly clean car. In spite of the time and effort that car owners spend cleaning their vehicles, one or more spots always escapes getting clean. This article goes over five different spots that often go unnoticed during a cleaning.

1. The Dash

With all of its buttons, levers, and nooks, it’s little wonder that the dash goes unnoticed during cleaning. Add a screwdriver the cleaning supplies kit. It’s thin enough to get into the crevices where dust lodges and blunt enough not to damage anything. Wipe each area with a rag after using the screwdriver to keep dust to a minimum. Going over other areas with a rag helps get rid of any dust that collects.

2. Vents

Cleaning the vents is slightly more difficult because of moving parts and the surface area exposed. A fluffy paintbrush sprayed with furniture polish makes all the difference. Cleaning between it traps dust and dirt without damaging anything in the car. A foam brush will also do the trick.

3. Your Cabin Air Filter

Your car has an air filter that needs changing from time to time. It’s the part of your car that controls the air quality inside. It catches all sorts of dust or debris while driving down the street or highway. So it is worth checking on.

Most cabin air filters are behind the glove compartment. Like the other cleaning tasks on the list, change the filter every 25,000 miles yourself. It is a bit difficult to remove depending on the type of vehicle you have. Filters generally have pins keeping them in place. Filters are available for a nominal fee.

4. The Windows

Car windows may seem like the most obvious part of a car cleaning job. But it’s actually very easy to miss one part of it. Car owners don’t always remember to roll down the window when cleaning them. Dirt and dust hide in the place where the top of the window rests while it’s up and not in use. So it important to roll down the window and clean it with glass cleaner along the top and the upper sides of the glass. Grime also collects there.

5. Sides and Seams of the Front Seats

The sides and seams of car’s front seat contain dirt, dust, and stains that are not immediately clear. Be sure to check these areas during the cleaning process. Applying a Magic Eraser to stains on the side of the seats clean them right up. A toothbrush or other brush with fine bristles removes crumbs and dirt from the seams.

Having a car that is completely clean from top to bottom is important. Without regular cleaning, all sorts of unsightly things can develop and make the inside of the car look and smell bad. In the case of a cabin air filter, it also reduces air quality. Knowing where to clean and doing so properly ensures car longevity along with regularly scheduled maintenance.

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